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Even if you have a vivid imagination as an artist, you don’t imagine somethings will take place like having fire accidents…Well I had one yesterday morning-irony it was my birthday- thankfully it was a minor, me & my mother managed to put fire out, just I got bit burnt, treated well in hospital so as I can’t make music for few days now I’m trying to  express artistically in different ways as you can see with photograph :p , no matter guitar/keyboards practice it still takes a bit long to type with lefty (if you’re righty) …

The major lesson here is to be gratitude for everything you have rather focus on what you don’t have (use it for motivation only) cos literally it can take 2-5 minutes your life to change permanently or temporarily (if you’re lucky after all).



Working ‘The Journey Ahead’

it doesn’t matter what do you do, as long you enjoy the journey.

*business & coffee with friend Dimitris.

INTRO: I am on my hometown Athens for this week #springflavor, #inspiration I’ll try to give you a taste of each day. enjoy :)

Monday 26

photo#1: crisisinspired…

photo#2: a guitar? no a cd/cassete player on store objects (Monastiraki Area)

photo#4 downhill of Parthenon  (τόση ομορφιά/so beautiful)

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