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I was asked to share my life story in a top10 songlist so here it is: have been influenced+/or practised a lot with these artists & their music, you can listen on my tune (last one)?. With love!

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From JOANPi: 2013 Review + Tunes

I’d like to wish you a happy 2014! May this year to do what you so desire but hesitated until now. #livethelife

Happy Holidays from JOANPi

23 December is always a special day for me, that day (today is twenty five years) my parents & I gone to a music shop to buy my first keyboards (as you can imagine, there were few to follow) I still remember the whole event vividly, my life was changing-as a new third grade kid to different school-after all, I focused my time, energy on music which later studied & keep learning, actually you can never stop learning. Music is like the Universe, no limits, so much to discover…

2 years+: 10.000h - done

Update: It is December of 2013 and after two years (96 hrs per week, 16 hrs per day) finishing 10.000hrs as a independent full time musician, I can say in short I learnt so much more in those two & something years than my previous 5 years as a part time musician. It was extreme, intense especially when you do that alone (have no team or very small one with no direct contact), you can feel isolated at times & friends and/or family wonder you ignore them yet they will understand you if you let them know about. Still journey worths it, cos after it is done, you won’t be at same position when you’re in the beginning.

Dear friends, fans, followers,

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving night with your loved ones if you celebrate.

We don’t celebrate it but still I just wanted to say this. 

To be continued…

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Hello to Spotify community, this is JOANPi ( & here’s my first playlist for you, enjoy! #Spotify #SpotifyGreece

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New video on Music & Technology playlist:

Listen how the brain seizures sounds into music #musictechnology  #youtubevideo

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